With Nate

What is Coaching?

A coach is someone who helps you accomplish goals and develop mastery in a certain area of practice. Originally, the term comes from athletics, and it is still used most widely there. These days you can find life coaches, executive coaches, birthing coaches… there may be a coach for every human activity.

Coaches are different from counselors and psychotherapists in several ways. First of all, many coaches have no training in the practices used by any sort of psychotherapist.

My area of specialty is integrity, and applying integrity throughout one’s life. I do have significant training and experience in practices for supporting personal development, processing challenging emotions, and other things you might associate with psychotherapy. Unlike a psychotherapist, however, I do not offer to heal any sickness, or figure out what might be wrong with someone. In fact, I see the idea of telling people they are sick as being itself a potential barrier to growth. Instead, I focus on supporting my clients in learning whatever they need to learn in order to set life, relationship, and leadership goals that truly matter to them, and to accomplish those goals. This focus on setting clear goals and on learning differentiates the coaching model from the psychotherapy model.

In my coaching practice, I regard all growth objectives as fundamentally being related to a person’s life purpose, and all obstacles as fundamentally being connected to gaps in a person’s integrity – often gaps that are invisible to you. By clarifying your purpose and deepening your mastery of integrity you can transform any area of your life, relationships, or leadership.

The Powers of Integrity

Everything I do with clients is based in a fundamental understanding and practice of integrity. By integrity, I mean wholeness — it is not only about walking your talk and standing up for what you believe in, it is about being whole and aligned with your purpose, within yourself and in all your relationships.

When I teach people how to practice integrity, we often talk about and practice what I call the Four Powers of Integrity:

  1. Appreciative Awareness
  2. Authentic Communication
  3. Creative Responsibility
  4. Impeccable Completion

My work is strongly influenced by the teaching of Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks (, and it has evolved since I completed my apprenticeship with them in 2003.

Creating Great Relationships & Enjoying Powerful Creativity

Who are you when you are at your best?           When do you do your best work?

What has been the best day of your life?           What if that could be your new normal?

The practice of integrity makes it possible for us to fully express our own creative power while enjoying great relationships at the same time.

Every time I genuinely recommit to my practice of integrity, I experience my normal daily life improving, so what used to be peak experiences are now normal for me – and my recent peak experiences have been beyond what I thought possible twenty years ago!

If you develop the ability to pay attention in a way which creates positive change, to speak your truth fully and fully receive the truth of others, to claim full healthy responsibility for your life, and to live in a state of completion, you will thrive.

I work with clients — individuals, couples, teams — who are committed to developing their own relationships and creativity. I help my clients master body-centered practices which open the door to personal creativity. And I place great emphasis on the fundamental tools of relating — communicating, listening, paying attention, making and keeping clear agreements — because they produce great, satisfying relationships based in integrity.

Leading Teams & Organisations

As a leader, you know that it’s not enough to have the answers, to be right. That’s useful, of course! But if you want to lead an effective team or develop a healthy organisation that will thrive for generations – that requires other people to excel, it requires other people to fully commit, to be passionate, to have great relationships with each other.

As a coach, I work with leaders to help them master their own integrity, to cultivate inspiring shared visions with their teams, to learn in the face of their biggest challenges. I help them focus on what matters most.