With Nate

Are you ready to live and work in a healthy organisation?

In healthy organizations, people are engaged in delivering an inspiring shared purpose. People can make the decisions they need to, to get their jobs done. Communications across the organization are quick and honest. People have a sense of ownership, responsibility, passion; they know they all benefit from shared success.
If you want to change how power and communications work in your organization, to get things done more effectively, reduce conflict, and create an engaged and happy workforce, try one of our training events or contact us to schedule a free needs assessment.

You can rely on me as a guide.

I have been supporting healthy organizations since 1996, when I was a co-founder of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas (which has now grown to GEN-North America and the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America). I have launched and managed a small socially responsible investment firm and two consultancies. I have worked as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, and business coach with for-profit businesses with 5 employees to 500 employees; with international non-profits and local charities; with co-operatives, start-ups, and communities; on four continents. I also have experience leading Agile software development teams.
I have a particular passion for Sociocracy. I have provided numerous training events on Sociocracy, worked with various companies to implement Sociocracy, and in 2013 become the first Certified Sociocratic Expert in Britain (certified by international standards body for Sociocracy, The Sociocracy Group). I have also served on the global executive team of The Sociocracy Group. More recently I co-founded the Healthy Power Alliance – a global network of leaders, activists, and academics who are  replacing ‘toxic’ ways of being powerful with healthy power, in people’s workplaces and wider lives.
 The leaders I coach regularly tell me that they are surprised how much they are able to accomplish with my support, and that they are resolving things they never would have touched without me.